Monday, April 16, 2012

SWDC Top Sellers: Mosaico+ Perle Tile

At Stone Wood Design Center, it’s our mission to bring Portland tile customers the finest tile products from around the world. That’s why we’re so pleased to tell you about our latest offering, Mosaico+ tile from Italy. Mosaico’s Perle line of jaw-dropping iridescent tile is the subject of this edition of SWDC Top Sellers.

Like proud parents, we love all our tile products equally, but this one really is something special. The base color of the tile is complemented and multiplied by the extraordinary, multicolored iridescent finish, whose colors shift and shimmer with each stray shaft of light they catch.

Because the individual plates that comprise the mosaic are smaller than average — just 15x15mm — they conform to curved surfaces like wet silk, and the tiny tiles also lend a refined, luxurious air to the installation that will turn your guests iridescent green with envy!

We’re proud to bring Portland Mosaico tile flooring all the way from Italy — after, all, when it comes to refined and elegant style, Italian design is hard to beat. It’s no exaggeration to say that what Prada is to couture, or Lamborghini is to autos, Mosaico is to tile.

Mosaico tile flooring from Stone Wood Design Center will surely have your guests green with envy!

Frankly, photos can’t do justice to this shimmering and exotic tile flooring product — you simply must see it in person. Stop by one of our three conveniently-located Portland tile showrooms to see this must-have product with your own eyes!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Stone Wood Design Center Resources: Tile Term Dictionary

In keeping with our long-standing goal of being your first and best place to go when it comes to Portland tile flooring, we at Stone Wood Design Center would like to tell you about a resource that’s sure to make any tile flooring project easier. We’re talking, of course, about our Tile Term Dictionary.

Portland tile flooring

This handy glossary of commonly-used terms in the tile flooring industry will help you understand your options no matter what phase of a project you’re in — whether you’re just beginning to consult Portland interior design professionals or in the final phases of a ceramic tile installation.

For example, you may be surprised to learn that “crazing” isn’t what happens to your brain after poring over sample books for a few hours, it’s the cracking in certain kiln-fired glazes. And while you might suppose that a “tile cutter” is a certain tradesman and a “tile nipper” his young son, our guide will assure you that both refer to specific tools used in the trade.

All levity aside, we’re proud of our Tile Term Dictionary, and we hope that you find it useful. It’s just one of the ways we make the extra effort to be the Portland tile flooring leaders. Visit one of our three Portland-area locations to view our entire tile selection and talk shop with our experienced flooring professionals.

Monday, April 2, 2012

SWDC Top Sellers: Tigerwood Decking

Welcome once again to Stone Wood Design Center Top Sellers, the blog series that’s dedicated to making you the best-informed consumer in the Portland hardwood decking market.

In the last installment, we told you about a great interior product, Grand Mesa Laminate Flooring. This time, in honor of the nice weather that we hope is just around the corner, we’re going outdoors with an eye-catching exterior hardwood decking option: Tigerwood Hardwood Decking.

Tigerwood Hardwood Decking is a beautiful and durable hardwood that gets its name from its striped appearance: each plank shows a pattern of black stripes interspersed with golden and umber tones. This pattern in integral to the wood itself; it’s not a staining or antiquing effect.

Left untreated, tigerwood hardwood decking will gradually age to a mellow silver-grey glow, but this medium-density hardwood also takes oils and stains quite well. Many homeowners choose this option to bring out the wood’s natural beauty, finishing their Tigerwood hardwood decking so as to retain its rich, dramatic russet-brown tones.

In spite of a lustrous beauty that you might associate more with fine cabinetry than with exterior hardwood decking, Tigerwood is neither fragile nor delicate. This tough, kiln-dried material is noted for its resistance to both fungi and termites. Moreover, it resists these blights without harsh chemicals, meaning it can be used for installations near water without fear of contamination.

Learn more about Tigerwood Hardwood Decking with a call or visit to the Portland hardwood decking professionals at Stone Wood Design Center. We’re happy to help!