Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What flooring product is durable, water resistant, easy to maintain and looks amazing for years?

Ceramic and porcelain tile! For an affordable, attractive, and versatile flooring option for any room in your house- ceramic tile is the choice for you. What other product is resistant to stains, impervious to water damage, and will not show the effects of normal daily wear? Through the use of ceramic tile you can make your room look larger, add beautiful design features, and increase the value of your home.

Come in today and check out our large selection of ceramic tile and trim pieces. We have a huge selection of sizes, colors, and accents.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A beautiful backyard deck can create an entirely new living space!

Is space in your home getting cramped? Now is a great time to invest in your home- and give yourself some extra living space with a beautiful exotic wood deck. By selecting an exotic species such as Ipe, Brazilian Redwood, and Angelim Pedra you are not only adding that much needed space to your home, you are also adding a durable product that is environmentally friendly.

Stop by Stone+Wood Lumber Outlet today to get started on your new decking project!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It runs in the family!

Our whole family has been very excited about being in business for ourselves. Our oldest son has secret desires to be the company spokesman. Here he is in his first ever- totally unrehearsed "commercial". Next time I'll tell him that every pitch-man I have ever seen keeps his shirt on.

Take our boy's advice. Come in today for great prices on hardwood flooring, ceramic, stone, decking materials, and counter tops. You won't be disappointed!

Cumaru Decks are coming to Portland Oregon

1x6 Cumaru Hardwood Decking | 5/4x6 Cumaru Hardwood Decking

Stone+Wood Outlet will be stocking Cumaru decking beginning July 15th. We have lengths ranging from 8' to 20' with prices starting at $2.49/LF for 1x6-8' and 1x6-10' and $3.09/LF for 5/4x6-8' and 5/4x6-10'.

Our Cumaru is First Export Grade, top of the line quality, and kiln dried down to 10% MC for maximum stability.

Stone+Wood Outlet also carries high quality SuperDeck Duckback Exotic Hardwood Oil Sealer in Clear and Walnut stain.