Friday, December 17, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets: Custom vs. Stock

Stone+Wood Outlet recently added high-quality cabinets to their product line, but for many homeowners in Portland, cabinet design and installation can be a confusing ordeal. There are many different types of cabinets available, and each has its benefits as well as faults. The following is a brief look at two of the main types of cabinets - custom and stock - and a few of their pros and cons. Enjoy!


1. Better use of space.
Custom cabinets are built based on measurements of your kitchen, meaning they fit perfectly in the space in which they are installed.
2. More design options.
Since customs cabinets aren’t built until you order them, you have a lot more options as far as building materials and features.
3. Easier to coordinate.
The whole point of going with custom cabinets is to be able to match your new cabinets to an existing d├ęcor. In Portland, cabinets and kitchen coordination can mean the different between an abomination and a reason to celebrate.

1. Price
Custom kitchen cabinets can run a pretty penny, especially if you choose an expensive building material such as wood or steel.
2. Availability
The availability of certain items directly affects both the price and the amount of time you will wait for your new cabinet.
3. Wait
Because your cabinets are being designed specifically for you, you may have to wait for certain parts or supplies to be ordered and shipped.


1. Preassembled
Stock cabinets take the guess work out of designing a kitchen – what you see is what you get. If you like it in the showroom, chances are you will also like it at home.
2. Price
Even in thrifty Portland, cabinets can get pretty expensive. Luckily, stock cabinets are much more affordable than their custom counterparts.
3. Speed of installation.
Because custom cabinets are premade and ready to ship, you can go from store to installation in very little time.

1. Standardized sizes.
Since you have no say over the size and shape of these cabinets, sometimes it is hard to match them perfectly to your kitchen.
2. Lack of design options.
While some may see the limited styles as a plus, many find it restrictive. If you have a grandiose, complicated kitchen design project in mind, stock cabinets probably aren’t for you.
3. Plain appearance.
Stock cabinets are usually made from very reliable materials, but they come in limited styles. Stocks work best for someone who is looking for a sturdy, attractive cabinet that doesn’t feature any frills or gimmicks.

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