Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Renovation Projects – Hardwood and Composite Decking

Welcome back to your favorite Stone Wood Outlet exclusive blog series, Spring Renovation Projects. Summer is right around the corner – June 21st, to be specific – and to celebrate the end of our spring blog series we’re featuring a home renovation project that is perfect for the beginning of summer: decking.

Most of you won’t attempt to build a new composite or hardwood deck by yourself. That’s fine – you probably shouldn’t. What you should do, however, is study up on the types of decking materials you can choose from before going to a decking supplier. The following are seven of our favorite decking products, ranging from exotic Ipe decking to tough composite decking. These are the best of the best when it comes to decking, and we carry all of them at deeply discounted prices. Enjoy!

ipe hardwood decking
Ipe decking is just one of the many beautiful decking materials Stone Wood Outlet carries.

Types of Decking Materials

Ipe Decking
This striking South American hardwood is world renowned for its natural beauty and inherent durability. It is one of the strongest decking materials you can buy and is visually quite versatile. If left untreated, Ipe decking will fade to a sophisticated silver-gray tone. If treated, it will retain its original rich reddish-brown coloring.

Tigerwood Decking
Tigerwood is a distinctive exotic hardwood that turns any backyard into a festive, visually-engaging area. This species is naturally durable and resistant to decay, making it the perfect decking material. It also features a unique grain pattern and is a great choice for many different decking styles and applications.

Cumaru Decking
This hardwood species has an amazing density and a class A fire rating, making it a perfect choice for anyone with a barbeque or backyard fire pit. The dense cellular structure also means Cumaru is naturally resistant to the elements. Its warm, honey-brown coloring and distinctive graining make it the perfect accent to many different home paint and design styles.

Meranti Batu Decking
The perfect choice for classic Mahogany decking, Meranti Batu features natural durability, a consistent brick-red tone, and is quite easily installed. Perfect for sun decks or beach houses, Meranti Batu creates a relaxed, laid back paradise.

Angelim Pedra Decking
If you’re looking for a more traditional looking decking material, look no further than Angelim Pedra. This beige-brown hardwood features red undertones and sophisticated graining. It has a medium density and is resistant to fungi and termites, especially when paired with an effective sealant.

Brazilian Redwood/Massaranduba Decking
Due to its incredible density and water-resistance, Brazilian Redwood is the perfect decking material to use near pools, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. The rich red color and dark grain pattern give the wood a look that is both exotic and interesting as well as warm and comforting.

Moisture Shield Composite Decking
Our composite decking material is made from 95% pre- and post-consumer recycled content and carries a limited lifetime warranty against rot, decay, and termite damage. While most decking materials require some sort of lift, this composite can be placed directly on the ground. The wood and plastic work together to create a durable, attractive hardwood decking alternative.

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