Friday, September 2, 2011

Product Spotlight: Tigerwood Decking

One of the most unique hardwood decking options available, Tigerwood features visually stunning black striping, soft brown-yellow tones, and a soft shine sure to add an exotic flair to any outdoor setting.

Tigerwood hardwood decking is a medium-density wood that is kiln-dried for maximum stability. It easily absorbs stains and oils, making it a very versatile decking choice for homeowners with a specific design scheme in mind. Since Tigerwood is naturally resistant to fungi, termites, and other nasty intruders, there is no reason for us to treat our wood with any harmful chemicals. This means you can use our Tigerwood decking anywhere - near a pool, along a boardwalk, as a balcony, etc.

tigerwood hardwood decking logs

Tigerwood decking is a very sought-after material, and the selection of Tigerwood at Stone Wood Outlet is some of the highest-quality you'll find in the Portland-Metro area. Visit one of our three locations to view a sample yourself, or go to the Tigerwood Hardwood Decking page on the Stone Wood Outlet website to learn more.

tigerwood hardwood decking

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