Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Preparing Your Outdoor Decking for Nicer Weather

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s time to start to start think about your exterior decking and how to prepare it for the warm-weather season.

Protecting your deck from the sun is just as important as protecting it from the damp. Why? Most of the hardwood decking Portland homeowners use is treated with oils and chemicals to keep out the damp. The heat of the sun boils off these essential oils, leaving your exterior decking vulnerable to warping and rot.

What to do? Each spring, clear your deck completely and wash it down. Now is the time to check for algae and mold spots that may have formed over the winter. If you find any, scrub them out with a mild bleach solution.

Next, check for loose fasteners and rotted or broken boards, replacing as necessary.

Finally, use a manufacturer-approved deck sealer to seal your deck. Your Stone Wood Design Center representative can help you choose.

These simple, regular maintenance routines can be the difference between a deck that starts looking shabby after just a few years and one that lasts for decades. If you take good care of your hardwood decking, Portland weather will be no match for it!

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