Friday, August 3, 2012

Penny Rounds and Hexagon Tile

Ah Portland, we love our bungalow homes here, and appreciate the quirky tiles and colors that come with them. I once had a 1920’s bungalow with pink and black tile running up the walls. …tres chic!

“Hexes” and “penny rounds” have been around longer than some may realize, starting in the 1800’s actually, but fell out of favor sometime when suburbia boomed after WW II. They were quite practical (more grout lines means more traction), and not nearly as expensive as a “mosaic,” even though they are technically mosaics. They had their day during the Arts and Crafts movement, certainly.

However, we still prefer to give them the love they deserve and update while retaining the original character. Character is why we buy them in the first place.

At Stonewood, we have launched a new product line specifically for this, and it’s full of hexagon, penny round, and octagon dot patterns.


Penny Rounds

Now, I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. There are plenty of Portlanders who prefer the clean, simple, slightly edgy look for their lofts, condos, and yes, even suburban homes. Penny rounds, especially, “modernize” very well.

And while the bungalow owner may prefer the “hexes” on the floor, in the traditional setting, the loft owner might prefer them on the walls of a living room for a super modern feel.

Hexagons and penny rounds….they’re not just for your grandmother’s house. Unless you want them to be, of course.

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