Thursday, October 4, 2012

Patagonian Rosewood Flooring

Patagonian Rosewood, also referred to as Curupau or Curupay, is commonly found throughout Argentina as well as the sub-tropical forests of Brazil and Paraguay. When freshly milled, and prior to exposure, it is a pale to light reddish brown color with distinctive black streaks.

Upon exposure the heartwood of Patagonian Rosewood darkens rapidly much like Brazilian Cherry to a beautiful deep reddish-brown. Another key characteristic of this species is its hardness. Patagonian Rosewood has a Janka rating of 3840 psi, which makes it even harder than Ipe at 3680. This extremely dense & durable wood is excellent for high traffic installations and will hold up to even the heaviest levels of abuse. Stability-wise, it performs similarly to Brazilian Cherry.

Stone Wood Design Center's Patagonian Rosewood, although natural in appearance, does have a light stain applied to it. The stain is not intended to change the natural look of the species, but to instead mimic the darker post-oxidized color. By doing this it eliminates discoloration concerns/complaints due to area rugs and low lying furniture. Additionally, it makes it easier from a design standpoint when the customer can see the final color right out of the box rather than waiting until it has darkened.

Stone Wood Design stocks Patagonian Rosewood in 3/4" x 3”, 4”, & 5” widths. The product is Clear grade with 1’-7’ lengths and is only available Prefinished.

If you have any questions regarding this species, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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