Monday, November 5, 2012

Avenue Mosaic Tile

Our Avenue Mosaic lines offer a wide assortment of materials incorporated into mosaics: glass, metal, and stone. Designed by tile guru Michael Golden, Avenue mosaics are well engineered and have beautiful lines that pull these materials together into vibrant, sophisticated designs. They are sleek, modern, and original.

A word about Michael… I’ve had the privilege of working with him in previous jobs and he has been around the tile and stone block (pardon the pun) for many years creating cutting edge designs. Technical and creative, he’s a unique character in this business. We both come from extensive mosaic backgrounds, with different spins of course, so I am personally pleased to showcase his latest designs at Stone Wood.

I decided to call him and pick his brain about the Avenue line, which was quite interesting. He was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, in product design and glass, and it shows. Michael has very carefully balanced the colors and ornament in each mosaic to be easy on the eyes. During the research and design phases, he views each mosaic from three distances: 18", 5’ and 25’. The purpose is to insure that each design and colorway is still appealing and interesting from a variety of viewpoints within a house. He also emphasizes trends, or patterns. He looks for patterns of patterns, so to speak, to understand what will be the next “wave”. Last point, and this one is my favorite, “nothing is random.” Every pattern, colorway, and texture is worked to create something new and different. While perusing the photos below, keep these ideas in mind and you will feel the creativity and engineering that he put into them.

Let’s begin with Skyline….a signature line, and a truly modern and geometric pattern designed to feel like skylines from London to Lisbon. A mix of metals, stone and glass….just like any line of buildings would include in reality.

The Impressions Hopscotch and Wicker designs, in linear and square patterns, include warm toned metals, as well as cool. Meant to remind one of a warm summer afternoon, picnic basket in hand or a cool afternoon on a boat.

Confections line, available in square piece format, also contains metals, but with varying textures to create dimension within the mosaic patterns. The glass pieces have different finishes as well… glossy, frosted, and matte.

Weave and Ripple series are our dimensional mosaic line within Avenue. They have that “must touch immediately” feel and bring life to any interior wall. The curved glass pieces are gentle and uplifting, bringing serenity to any room.

Last, but certainly not least, is Flemish Bond, a mosaic standard using all glass in rich, iridescent colors.

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Written by: Katherine Campbell

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