Monday, October 10, 2011

How Laminate Flooring Is Made

If you’re a fan of Stone Wood Outlet on Facebook, you’ll know that we recently added a whole line of laminate flooring to our list of in-stock inventory. Laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring for a number of reasons: price, ease of installation, durability, and resale value, just to name a few. But few people know what laminate flooring is actually made of. Even less know how it’s made. This post will take a look at the components of laminate flooring and how they’re put together. Enjoy!

Laminate flooring is made of four components bonded together. They are:

  • Wear layer – Designed for dimensional stability, stain resistance, and protection, most wear layers contain aluminum oxide, melamine resin, or another protective plastic.
  • Decorative Layer – A printed, high-resolution photo-reproduction of a wood grain, stone, or tile pattern, this layer is what gives the flooring its look.
  • Core Board – Usually made of high-density fiberboard or particle board, this layer helps improve moisture-resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Backing – This layer, made of melamine plastic, adds even more dimensional stability to the boards. It also helps prevent moisture from coming up from the sub-floor.

First, the four layers are assembled in large sheets. Each layer is stacked on top of each other and pressed together at temperatures reaching upwards of 400 degrees. The sheets are pressed with up to 600 pounds/square inch of pressure. The pressing usually lasts around 30 seconds.

Some laminate flooring varieties have a textured surface, a feature achieved with specialized plates that imprint a texture pattern on the outer layer of the board. This process is usually either included in the general assembly process or takes place immediately after, when the sheets are still hot.

After the sheets are cooled they are cut into planks of various sizes. Multiple precision saws are then used to cut the tongue-and-groove edges on the side of the planks, enabling the flooring to lock together during installation.

Last but not least, the cut planks are inspected for quality. They are checked for color, texture (if applicable), finish, size, and that they interlock correctly.

laminate flooring

Visit the Stone Wood Outlet website to learn more about laminate flooring, including the many varieties we carry and why it may be the perfect flooring choice for you.

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