Friday, October 21, 2011

Product Spotlight: Laminate Flooring

Do you want the look and feel of hardwood flooring but without the cost or difficult installation process? If so, laminate flooring may be just what you're looking for!

Stone Wood Outlet is one of the Portland area's premier suppliers of laminate flooring materials. Laminate comes in many different sizes and styles, making it one of the most versatile flooring options around. Still unsure about laminate flooring? Here are three good reasons why it just might be the right flooring material for you.

1. Price and Installation
Laminate flooring is often much less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. It is also much easier to install, and can be installed over almost any existing floor.

2. Durability
Laminate flooring is tough. It's solid finish makes it perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. Laminate products from Stone Wood Outlet also come with at least a 25 year warranty, meaning you can feel confident in your purchase.

3. Resale Value
Most home buyers look for hardwood floors over carpet. By installing laminate floors instead of carpet, you get the look of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost.

Glacier Peak Laminate Flooring from Stone Wood Outlet

For more information about laminate flooring, visit us at one of our three Portland locations, or give us a call at 503-222-9663.

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