Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Stone Wood Outlet Top 5 Hardwood Decking Materials

Interested in exterior hardwood decking but unsure about which material is best? You’re in luck! The professionals at Stone Wood Outlet have years of experience helping customers choose the right hardwood decking material for their needs. When it comes to decking, there are only a few species of wood that are durable and beautiful enough to get the Stone Wood stamp of approval. Here are our top five favorite exterior decking choices and a little about each species. Enjoy!

1. Ipe
Ipe is one of the most popular exotic decking species available in the country today, and for good reason. It features rich, striking tones and an intriguing grain pattern. It is also one of the most durable, with extremely high hardness rating and density and a Class A fire rating. This species of exterior decking will certainly last a lifetime.

2. Cumaru
A little lighter in color and with a more visually interesting grain pattern, Cumaru hardwood decking is perfect for someone looking for a very exotic natural decking material. Like Ipe, Cumaru has a very high hardness rating and density, which makes the wood naturally resistant to decay and wood boring insects. Cumaru is also often used for finer applications such as flooring, making it easy to coordinate indoor and outdoor design schemes.

3. Tigerwood
Tigerwood decking features soft brown and yellow tones and incredibly eye-catching black striping that gives the wood its name. This unique decking material is of medium density and easily absorbs stains and oils. Tigerwood is also quite resistant to fungi and termites. If you want to Wow! your guests with one of the most unique exterior decking materials they’ve ever seen, Tigerwood is the choice for you.

tigerwood hardwood decking
Tigerwood Hardwood Decking
from Stone Wood Outlet
4. Angelim Pedra
This species of hardwood decking is known not only for its rugged good looks but also its coarse texture and straight, interlocked grain. Beyond decking, Angelim Pedra is also used for truck trailer decking, flooring, furniture, and heavy construction.

5. Massaranduba
Also known as Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba hardwood decking is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after decking materials around. It features warm reds and browns, a varying interlocked grain pattern, and a very fine texture. If left untreated, Massaranduba will age to a distinctive silver-gray color, though you can easily retain its redness with a sealant or stain.

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